PMS and Channel Management

Property Management System

Let us help you manage your day-to-day business operation by coordinating reservations, online booking availability, payments, and reporting in one central place making it easy to run your property. Go4IT Africa has come up with a flexible, reliable and efficient cloud-based property management system that allows you to run the day-to-day business of your property in one central place.


What is a Property Management Software (PMS)

A Property Management System is a software application designed for the running of your hotel, lodge, guesthouse or B&B. It is easy to manage and provides the right set of tools to run the properties daily operations.

Customer Service in Hotel

We have partnered with the world’s best software solution providers in the hospitality industry like Channex and Stayflexi to give you the best PMS and Channel Management Solutions with the aim to provide our clients with a PMS solution that will make front desk workflows easy creating a seamless guest experienc


Our Stayflexi PMS Solution is the world's first self - contained hospitality platform, offering advanced features unmatched anywhere else. It is a cloud - based property management solution that is flexible, secure, and efficient and helps you manage your housekeeping, payment settlements, invoicing, as well as your check in/check outs.

How Does Our Property Management Works?

Managing Hotel operations has become easy with our Stayflexi hospitality platform. However, a good PMS goes and in glove with a good channel manager and Go4IT Africa has just that for you. Our PMS can be integrated to any Channel Manager. You can choose to use either our own Channex Channel Manager or your own it will still work the same and perfectly. The good thing about our PMS is that all rates are updated on the PMS and they automatically update on your channel manager and on any booking channel that you are connected to reducing double work of having to update rates on the PMS and channel Manager as well. To find out more about the amazing things that our PMS offers, contact our team who will take you through the system and set up a demo account for you.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose our PMS amongst thousands out there;

Why Use Our PMS

  • Inventory Management – It is the world’s first flexible system which allows you to manage your bookings on the platform level and to manage reservations more effectively. It has central distribution of room inventory across online and offline booking chann
  • Auto check ins and check outs – Assigns rooms automatically for check - ins & check - out based on availability. Because everything is handled in a single point distribution it makes it easy to manage hotel operations like check in, check outs, invoicing or payment settlement, lessening the amount of paperwork that you have to handle.
  • Automated Housekeeping – Get instant feedback on the status/condition of each room and run your housekeeping efficiently with equal distribution of work for housekeeping staf
  • Allows you to send payment links to guests to receive online payments
  • Perfectly manage bookings from online and offline platforms
  • Real - time monitoring
  • Advanced revenue strategies
  • Easy reporting

  • The above are just a few benefits of using our PMS, to find out more, get in touch with us and our proficient team will take you through our PMS and give you a demo on how to use our PMS.

What is a Channel Manager?

A channel manager is a service that allows you to market all of your rooms simultaneously on all of your linked booking pages. When a booking is taken, a room is closed to sale, or you can choose to make bulk adjustments to your inventory, it will instantly update your availability on all pages in real - time.
If you are looking for a Channel Manager that will allow you to look after your business while it does the rest , look no further cause our Channex channel manager will do it all for you.

Who Is Channex


Channex is the future of connectivity for tech providers. It is a connectivity platform for hotels, Channel Managers, PMS and other hotel tech vendors. Channex provides a free channel manager with a mobile app to help you easily manage your rates and availability on the move.

Key Features:

  • Notifications - Get instant notifications of any bookings or cancellations on your phone
  • Simple to Use - Use the essential features without all the complexity
  • Mobile App - Easy to use on your mobile

If you are wondering why you need a Channel Manager; here’s one of the many reasons why;

  • It's a huge time saver - It saves you time and work, removing the need for you to manually input bookings received online. They also offer security in regards to credit cards received with bookings.

Booking Channels that use Channel Managers

We build powerful websites for bed in breakfasts, lodges, and guesthouses. Allowing your guests to book rooms directly from your built-in booking engine on your website. Alongside Channex as our connectivity platform, we can connect and integrate your website with channel managers such as Airbnb, Expedia, and, allowing you to manage all your bookings and pricing from one management dashboard.