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Go4IT Africa's platform has been created to take direct travel bookings and payments in a fully integrated website or mobile app.

There are no iframes, widgets or “Book Now” buttons on our platform that redirects your users away from your website therefore all the expensive SEO authority you gain from your marketing efforts will be secured on your site.

We have created a powerful API driven eCommerce platform focusing on 3 product types, Accommodation bookings, Activities, Tours and Transfers and Shop (Normal the shelf items like t-shirts, hats, etc.).

Our platform is available as a website or a mobile iOS/Android application. All this in a quick to build, hosted, cost-effective package that we can create specifically to suit your needs.

eCommerce Platform



If you operate a motel, hostel, bed & breakfast, a resort, it doesn't matter. Get online and see your potential soar. There's more to a website than just showcasing your gorgeous place. It also helps clients get a sense of your vision and style. A sophisticated, professional platform allows you to control and manage every aspect of your business. Even when it comes to booking, you will have it all organized and tidy.

Accommodation Servcies

PMS & Channel Management

PMS & Channel Management

What is Property Management Software?

Hotel, guesthouse, lodge, or B&B owners can benefit from having a Property Management System. It's easy to use, easy to manage and provides all the tools needed to manage a property. Through our partnerships with leading software solution providers in the hospitality industry such as Channex and Stayflexi, we can provide you with a PMS solution that makes front desk workflows easy and creates a seamless guest experience for our clients. Stayflexi offers several features that are unmatched by other PMS solutions. It offers a cloud-based property management solution that lets you manage housekeeping, payments, invoicing, and check-ins/check-outs. It's flexible, easy to use, and secure.

What is a Channel Manager?

When you use a channel manager, you can advertise your rooms across a variety of booking engines simultaneously. As soon as a booking is made, a room is closed, or you make bulk changes to your inventory, availability is instantly updated across all pages. Channex is a channel manager that lets you focus on your business while it handles everything else so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Accommodation Servcies
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Spoil yourself, take a leap and Go4IT!

At Go4IT Africa, we believe that a business owner should primarily focus on what steps he or she needs to take to grow their business. Focus on your strengths, while we handle the technology!

Activity Servcies


Building a travel platform

We design and build fully functional travel websites to help you sell more tours. Our website templates are handcrafted for three main things and number one on our list is – travel products. We spend a lot of time obsessing over each detail so that your travel business looks professional, builds trust, and sells more.

Inventory Systems

PMS & Channel Management


Bokun makes online distribution easier than ever with tools that support various sales channels, online and offline. You'll reach a wider audience, increase sales potential, and diversify revenue streams all from one simple, easy-to-use platform.


Our Musement API allows our developers to integrate information on tours, attractions, activities, and events into websites and applications. Our developers can get each activity's information, photos, and content. Musement also allows customers to book their reservations and get instant confirmation with a paperless voucher or e-ticket.

Platform Information

Our highly customizable Headless Content Management System (CMS) works with powerful inventory and booking systems to create advanced eCommerce websites.
A cross-browser and cross-device design and structure is used. This can be changed to fit any brand and design..
Share your expertise and knowledge via the blog section. An effective blog can help your website and business gain more exposure and drive traffic.

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Custom Online Shop

Expanding Your Reach

Your business is unique. No one understands it better than you. Your products, your customers, your bottom line. That's how we approach eCommerce. We assist in getting your products online, fast, efficiently, and ready to move. The team at Go4IT Africa has the experience and expertise to turn your dream store into a reality. Fast, secure, and easy to update, it is also highly user-friendly. We will set up your store, design & develop the look you desire, add functionality through the thousands of advanced apps available, assist you in loading your products or handle it all ourselves and make sure that your shop is SEO Optimized and ready to sell.

Custom Shop Servcies

Platform Features

The effortless and high-conversion booking process

We streamline our booking process so that it is easy and convenient for our clients. Through tracking and analyzing, we have created a frictionless conversion experience

Online bookings and payments

Share a calendar with live availability and pricing. Offer your customers a simple way to reserve their seats and pay online with a credit card through an SSL protected website.

Checkout with a simple shopping basket

With our custom checkout process, we remove friction for customers and allow them to complete online payments safely. Our customers benefit from a higher conversion rate due to our tried and tested booking process.

Custom payment gateways

Go4IT Africa supports almost any payment gateway. We can create a custom connector to any platform so you are able to take payment online even if your market's preferred payment gateway isn't supported.

Activity Servcies

Static Website

Building Your Brand

The websites we create are visually attractive and represent your brand well.


Project Scope

We commit to undertake all aspects of starting, planning, designing, executing, monitoring, controlling, reviewing, and closing a project successfully. To kick-start the build of your new website, we need to scope out current issues and future goals.


Using our analysts, we break down even the most complex requirements into detailed specifications so our developers can get to work right away.


In our design & UX team, we will arrange the solution once we have understood the problem and done the analysis.



Architectural choices include software coding, tools, and platforms, as well as dictating technical standards.


Our team of developers works hand-in-hand with our team of business analysts and design team to create a system that meets the project's requirements in the most efficient way.

Unit Testing

Prior to being deployed to the testing environment, each item delivered as part of a development sprint is thoroughly examined.


Quality Control Testing

Testing is completed by our team of specialist testers using industry-leading testing tools.

User Acceptance Testing

Client business analysts verify that each deliverable and component meets the specification for sign-off.


Upon business approval of the testing environment, our development lead will take responsibility for deployment to production.

Hosting & Support

Even after projects are completed, we provide ongoing support and solutions. Our Quality Assurance process carefully monitors all methods, software engineering processes, activities, and work items.