eCommerce Shopping

Our eCommerce Shopping Solution

Seize the opportunity to sell directly to the public through your own eCommerce website. Go4IT Africa offers a unique super-fast website with an eCommerce shopping cart system on our dedicated server. Investing in an eCommerce website can be daunting, but is also super important. Make sure the match between our company and yours is good before you invest any money. We have structured an amazing process to create an eCommerce website and it starts with you reading our process below.


Go4IT Process

Following below are your steps to getting a awesome eCommerce website!

Step 1

Pay for set-up fee

In order to start the process, the setup fee needs to be paid upfront. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Step 2

Project Scope Meeting

During this phase our Inventroy and Design team will set up a time with you to get to know you and your company better,
the following will be discussed during this session,

  • Audience
  • Products
  • Design (look and feel) / Mock-ups
  • Your goals
  • Resources
  • Site map
  • Process
  • Payment Gateway

Step 3

Design Mock-up creations

Two visual presentations will be created by our design team according to information provided during the interview, these Mock-ups will be sent through to you upon completion and could take up to two days to complete. Our Bokun team will create your Bokun account and you will be provided with the login information before we start with the build of your products.

Step 4

Review and pick your design

After you have taken your time to look over the two Mock-ups and you are ready to give feedback, our design team will schedule a video call with you to go over the design and discuss any changes that need to be made before moving forward to the build process.

Step 5

Inventory Build

Our inventory team will create your products according to the package you went with by using the information from the template provided by you.

Step 6

Webiste Build

After we have a clear understanding of the design of your website we will initiate the build process which is the longest process in the package, during the build process we will build the basic frame of your website, including all the pages and the structure of your homepage as agreed upon during the Mock-ups meeting. After the foundation has been constructed and evaluated, we will move forward on adding in content (Information about your company, Contact information, Experiences integration into various pages and basic headings on pages). The last step of the build phase is the design, during this step we work with colour, typography and spacing ending the build process in light of creativity.

Step 7


After the website build is complete, you will receive a URL (website link), you can use this URL to access your website. Once you have taken a good look at your website and you are pleased with the design, we can skip phase 8 and move directly to the Quality Control Check phase, but, if not, we will move on to phase 8 where our team will make desired changes to your website within the time agreed upon in your package.
Note: Additional time can be quoted for upon Enquiry.

Step 8

Additional changes (if any)

After you have completed the overview of your website you might have some changes in mind or questions about a certain layout or form, during this phase we run through those changes with you and apply them to your website.

Step 9

Quality Control Testing

When all the changes have been made and we are all happy with the results a complete quality control test will be done on the website where we check links, spelling, bookings, payments etc.

Step 10


The last phase of your eCommerce website process is where your website is handed over to our technical department where it will be moved over to a live state.