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Channel connects hotels to travel agents direct
A new B2B booking channel, Travia, designed specifically for travel agents across the globe to book accommodation, is coming to South Africa. It’s designed for properties wanting to increase their travel agent sales through alternatives to the large room aggregators.
Travia - a direct link between travel agencies and accommodation providers
Travel agencies can streamline communication in one location without using email thanks to a software/marketplace called Travia, which links hotel inventory in real time.
Direct Bookings with Go4IT Africa
Are you the proud owner of a lodge, bed and breakfast, or guest house? Do you need more direct bookings? The Go4IT Africa team is pleased to announce that we can now offer direct bookings for any accommodation provider on their very own website, no matter what the booking system!
SME's cash in on SA's e-commerce boom
E-commerce refers to card purchases made on an online platform where businesses and individuals can buy and sell goods and services. The trend towards increased online purchases was already underway before the March lockdown...
Best channel management options in Southern Africa
In as much as getting direct bookings through your website is vital, making sure property reaches out to as many booking consumers as possible is equally important, however, managing your rooms across many channels can only be made possible if you have the best channel manager.
Web Design Trends for 2021
If you were standing in front of two big screens and you are given 15 minutes to consume the content on either one of the screens the possibility of you going with the screen with the more beautifully designed content is...
What are Progressive Web Apps?
Did you know there's a type of app that works for all operating systems and is easier for users to access? They're called progressive web apps or PWA and they are reliable, fast and engaging. PWAs are the next hot topic in today's world, particularly in terms of Ecommerce mobile innovation.
eCommerce, SEO & Digital Marketing
Are you looking for a way to generate more business through your website? With a professionally designed eCommerce website and digital marketing, you can take your online sales to a new level.
Lowveld Get Travel Digital Workshop - Hoedspruit 12th August 2021
We have exciting news to share with you! Go4IT Africa will be travelling to Hoedspruit on the 12th August 2021 for a once-off complimentary workshop on how to increase your business direct digital sales, maximise your online presence and amp up your revenue.
Old Style CMS Versus The New Headless CMS
There is no doubt that the tourism sector has taken a 180 degrees turn in recent years. But, are companies in the travel sector facing this challenge well?
The advantages of using an Outsourced Booking office to run your OTA
Post covid, technology was not something that most business owners in the hospitality industry and any other industry at large paid attention to as long as they had a website that gives information...
Travel Booking Trends 2021
Tourism is one of the businesses most impacted by the COVID-19, which is one of the main reasons why the industry as a whole will try to innovate in order to attract more tourists in 2021. Some have already begun, while others will do so throughout the course of the year...
Boosting your online bookings through social media
Social Media is one of the most widely used interactive technologies that help create and exchange information. We can be at any place in the world, catch up with friends from different continents and share in their life journeys in a fraction of time.
PCI DSS Certification in Travel Technology
Nobody can deny that technology and travel are a winning mix. The travel technology economy is developing faster than ever before; becoming more traveller-centric, and making the process of paying for trips much easier online...
Advantages of taking direct accommodation bookings
Running a property can be stressful especially if you don’t have the right tools to manage the day to day running of your property. It takes a good channel manager to help you manage the daily operations of your business with ease and to sell your rooms...
How Much Does An eCommerce Website Cost
It might be a little complicated when budgeting for the creation of an eCommerce website because there are so many alternatives to consider. Getting an eCommerce sale is similar to a race in some respects; if all other conditions are equal, whoever has the better website and gets discovered first, wins.
How to boost the SEO rankings of your travel website?
Title aside, for now, let’s talk Tennis, in order to become the best tennis player in the world you need to have speed, performance, quality technique and much more. Rankings may be considered on how good a player is on the court and their form at the time.
3 Month Advertising Booster
This is a digital marketing promotional package aimed at boosting advertising for Go4IT clients and creating confidence in the online channels.
Using Blogs To Boost The SEO Of Your Website
Ah, blogs…They are among the three most common forms of media used in content strategy today, they are an incredibly useful tool that helps drive traffic to our sites and our services, Think about a Google search requesting to find an SEO specialist...
How To Use Omnichannel To Boost Marketing In Travel Technology
To succeed in a complex market of both conventional and high-tech companies, an omnichannel approach is becoming incredibly valuable. Consumers engage with hundreds of platforms, websites, and gadgets as they search out the details and assistance they need around the industry.
How Can Channel Management Benefit My Hotel
Channel Management Channel Manager! A very familiar software in the hospitality industry, but what is it? A channel manager is a software solution for accommodation providers such as hotels, motels and B&Bs, that allows one to sell all their rooms on all...
Go4IT Enters A Reseller Partnership With Stayflexi
Go4IT has done it again, partnering with the world’s first autonomous property management company Stayflexi to bring you the best PMS solutions in South Africa. It is with great pride to share the news with the rest of the world of our recent reseller partnership with Stayflexi...
Go4IT Introduces a new PMS Solution
Go4IT Africa is proud to introduce a new game-changing PMS technology for the travel industry in Southern Africa. It is going to serve hotels, guesthouses and BnBs by offering them customized and fully automated end to end hospitality solutions which include PMS, Channel Manager...
Spotlight on the team: Thandiwe Dube
In the Go4IT Africa spotlight, this week is the talented Thandiwe Dube. She is our booking and administration consultant. Her role is to handle all the booking communications. The first project Thandi has worked on was for one of our American OTA’s...
Spotlight on the team: Brandon Clack
In the Go4IT Africa Team spotlight, is Brandon Clack, our Digital Team Lead and account manager. Brandon has mostly worked with our African Market, specifically with operators in South Africa. He is also working on some big projects with American OTA...
Spotlight on the team: Danika Wolmarans
The year 2020 has been one for the books! We are thankful to say that we were able to expand our team as we welcome our newest member. A wise man once said, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision...
Is JAMstack the future of the internet?
With all the CMSs & headless CMSs available, JAMstack might seem overly complicated to non-techies and the developer communities who can still clearly remember the 80s & 90s. Regardless of this, it continues to grow in popularity, in 2019 0,4%...
Go4IT Africa Goes Global
Significant growth during the lockdown and local cost advantages have propelled Go4IT’s Africa division to become the global operational hub for the South-African-based travel-tech company.
COVID-19 and the tourism industry – 2 Support Funds you need to know
Lockdown. On day 4, it is a word we are still coming to terms with, following the Presidential announcement on the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, on the 23rd of March 2020. While people were in panic stations rushing to buy and stockpile groceries...
COVID-19 and the tourism industry – Neighbouring African Lock Down, what does it look like?
We have all, as South Africans, become accustomed to what lockdown means for us. Finally moving into the well-awaited stage 3 on the 1st of June. Some of the response to the novel COVID-19 on South Africa’s side has been commended...
Spotlight on the team: Mischka Kruger
Along with the launch of the Go4IT Africa “Upliftment Package Special”. An introduction to our superstar team was in order. Every week we will introduce our team members, what they are about, and what they are doing to make Go4IT Africa great at what we do.
Travel Tech – Zooming in on Mobile friendly website technology
As South Africans, we are pretty clued up with regards to technology and our mobile phones. Our mobile phones are something that is in constant use and they are changing the face of travel technology for good. Mobile technology is making travel and...
Flight Centre and Go4itAfrica partner to sell tours and activities online
Go4itAfrica is thrilled to announce a partnership with the Flight Centre Travel Group, one of the leading travel companies in the world. The partnership will allow Flight Centre to sell Go4itAfrica tours and activities on its digital platforms.