Travia - a direct link between travel agencies and accommodation providers


For a very long time, travel businesses have struggled to find workable technology solutions. Some solutions do not provide users with a live inventory connection to any hotels. By linking to hotel inventory systems and sending data to travel agencies via Travia, the issue is resolved.


Since ancient times, travel companies have played a crucial role in creating popular tourist locations, and most travel always begins at the travel agency. enabling the travel agency to interface with a single system that displays prices and inventory and enables them to place bookings right away on real-time inventory This allows the travel agency a chance to compete with the large OTAs, like and others, by providing quick, accurate responses and giving customers immediate feedback on rates and booking information.


To provide a single platform with real-time pricing and inventory so that travel agencies can make reservations, keep track of their bookings, and receive content from hotels.

Business Model

The basis for using Travia is to impose transaction fees based on the quantity of reserved nights. Each companion who utilises Travia will be billed for one night's stay. Travia does not charge customers for canceled or unused reservations. Once the check-in has occurred, each partner pays for the reservation. The rates range from 69 to 149 kronor each reserved night, with discounts offered for bookings of 250 to 5000 every month.


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