Spotlight on the team: Thandiwe Dube

In the Go4IT Africa spotlight, this week is the talented Thandiwe Dube. She is our booking and administration consultant. Her role is to handle all the booking communications. The first project Thandi has worked on was for one of our American OTA’s. 

“This project opened up a new world of content writing, something that I never thought I would do and be good at. It had its challenges at first but got better at a later stage. It was also my first step to understanding Bokun, an online booking software that manages tours and activities. I have better knowledge and perception of Bokun and climbing the ladder to being a Bokun expect someday”. 

Another project Thandi has worked on is Zilko Tours and Travel, where she has put her Bokun skills to practice, building their products from scratch for their new website, she mentions that it was an amazing experience. 

Thandi is a jack of all trades. Not only does she handle the bookings, but she always gives a helping hand in all departments and enjoys learning from it. The quote that she lives by is “if you’re determined to learn, nothing can stop you”. “I am where I am today because I never stopped learning, and this opens up and widens your opportunities in the outside world.” Looking forward to the future, Thandi wants to gain further knowledge of HTML & the CMS used by Go4IT Africa, while her long-term goal is to have a Masters in Tourism & Hospitality Management. 

Thandi gives the following advice to newbies: 

“There are some things you learn best in calm and some in the storm” Willa Cather. 

Things will not always be rosy, but every situation teaches us something, keep learning, nothing can and will stop you from achieving your goals. Thandi’s drive to learn is truly inspirational and we love having her on the team.