Spotlight on the team: Mischka Kruger

Putting the spotlight on Mischka Kruger, our UX/ UI designer. Nothing short of a shining star. Her role at Go4IT Africa is turning functional e-commerce, into beautiful top-class websites. 

Mischka states, “My responsibility is to create the best user experience possible, for front-end development on e-commerce websites.” An achievement to note, Mischka has officially completed designing her first fully functional, beautiful website, Dream Wild Adventures. 

Dream Wild Adventures is an operation that offers volunteer projects, specialising in wildlife conservation. Volunteer projects like the Selati Game Reserve, which offers volunteers to see animals like lions; leopards; elephants, rhino, and hyenas. Where volunteers can get involved in ongoing research projects. These volunteer projects and safari adventures can be easily accessed through the new website. This e-commerce solution has made Dream Wild Adventures products shine even brighter, along with making the customers’ experience easier. 

Looking forward to the future, Mischka is wanting to gain a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS, working up to becoming a developer. From no basic understanding of CSS and HTML to being able to visually structure a website to look stunning. 

This growth is such an achievement. “Working with passion; taking a leap of faith and working hard to bring more to the table that is expected of you” were some words of inspiration that Mischka had. Teamwork was also top of mind, Mischka described being able to share work and asking for feedback from the team and the client to know that you are on the right track. While working on the “Dream Wild Adventures” project Mischka has described that despite some obstacles, these obstacles have helped her grow. The growth that will support the Go4IT Africa team into the new age of digital.