Go4IT Introduces a new PMS Solution

Go4IT Africa is proud to introduce a new game-changing PMS technology for the travel industry in Southern Africa. It is going to serve hotels, guesthouses and BnBs by offering them customized and fully automated end to end hospitality solutions which include PMS, Channel Manager, Booking Engine, Revenue Management tools, online shop, transfers and tours.


It also includes a never-before-seen GDS integration, or global distribution systems for the non-travel people, which will open up this amazing sales channel for smaller accommodation providers and guesthouses! It is also the world’s first fully automated hospitality platform. A unified solution for all your property needs. Our unique offering comes with end-to-end automation and flexible bookings. Self-service options like self-check-in/check-out, touchless POS, auto room allocations, and auto inventory management, resulting in a reduction of operational costs by approximately 50%. In addition, this flexible booking functionality has the potential to boost revenue on unsold rooms by at least 40%. 

All of this is available through an extremely fast and SEO friendly website or/and an iOS/Android mobile application. Additionally, Go4it Africa is able to build bespoke integrated websites for accommodation owners, which include a booking engine for direct bookings, utilising the owner’s credit card merchant and payment gateway. But why is this any different to the existing PMS, channel manager, booking engine and website builders in the South Africa Travel Tech industry? 

James Elstob – CEO of Go4itAfrica tells us that they have put together their framework using the same technology stack that Facebook, Uber and Airbnb use. This is centred around a ‘dynamic static site generator’ with an API centric data structure that plugs into existing travel technology applications. “Not to get overwhelmed with tech talk, but what this means is that our framework will evolve naturally as the travel technology world changes,” says James. 



Go4IT Africa currently has customers across the globe, including some large multi-national travel agencies. To maximise sales and take your business to new heights, feel free to reach out for a video conference or pop in for a coffee at our Sandton office. https://go4itafrica.com Email us at info@go4itafrica.com (Go4IT Africa is a travel technology company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, previously known as Getlocal Africa)