Go4IT Enters A Reseller Partnership With Stayflexi

Go4IT has done it again, partnering with the world’s first autonomous property management company Stayflexi to bring you the best PMS solutions in South Africa. It is with great pride to share the news with the rest of the world of our recent reseller partnership with Stayflexi as a PMS solution to South Africa.


Amongst some of our products including SEO & Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Hotel & Guesthouse Booking E-Commerce, and activity platform, we are happy to announce that we will be offering PMS as part of our e-commerce solutions. Go4IT Africa has embraced this opportunity to bring Stayflexi closer to home because we fully fathom how important it is to deal with a local as we best understand each other at a local level. What is a PMS? A Property Management System (PMS) is software that is designed for hospitality accommodations and enables hotel businesses to operate their day-to-day operations activities such as payments, invoicing, housekeeping and many more. Amidst many property management software companies out there, Stayflexi has proven to be the most outstanding hotel user-friendly property management system which allows you to manage your property anywhere, anytime on any device. We are super excited to be a part of this new journey of bringing new technology into our country to help our locals. In a world where the tourism industry is slowly picking up, all you need is a great property management system that will help you manage your property with ease as you gear up for the tourism industry to fully open. Say goodbye to paperwork and loads of filing and join the rest of the world in going green by embracing the technology that will allow you to run your property in one central place that permits you to send invoices, payment links and getting detailed reports all through our PMS platform. Who is StayFlexi? Stayflexi “is a property management software that helps businesses in the hospitality industry manage various administrative operations related to housekeeping, room bookings, payment processing and more. 

Professionals can handle check-in/out processes and update the rates or reservation status of rooms across multiple channels”. It also offers mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, enabling hotels to view upcoming bookings on a calendar and streamline point-of-sale (POS) operations. It is easy to get all the information that you need in this PMS, for instance, you can view all transactions, do refunds, and get detailed reports making it easy for administrators. After all, this has been said, Here’s what makes our PMS outstanding from the rest: “Our PMS has an in-built Channel Manager and Booking Engine which allows you to seamlessly manage your bookings from the online and offline booking platforms. No Third-Party reliability for Lagging issues, Sync Issues between PMS and Channel Manager. It is the world’s 1st flexible system that allows you to manage flexible bookings on the platform level to manage your reservations more effectively. (eg. Early Check-ins, Late Check-ins, Early Check-Outs and Late Check-outs, Extended Stays). 

Manage your Day to Day Hotel Operations like check-in, check-outs, invoicing, payment settlements, etc. Manage your Housekeeping more effectively with the equal distribution of work for HouseKeeping Staff. It also has a revenue management module where you can define a pricing rule based on your occupancy for better yield. You can also send Payment Links to guests to receive online payments for any type of Bookings. Custom Invoice Configuration Corporate Travel Agent: Manage your Corporates and Travel Agents through our PMS for accurate data. Provide the Corporates/Travel Agents with the credentials to make reservations directly helping you to reduce the call flow for offline reservations. Virtual Room or combo rooms: Virtual Rooms can be set up and mapped with Airbnb EG: 1 villa can be mapped with 3 rooms as virtual room so rooms can be sold individually or with the whole villa so the blocking of rooms and villa will manage automatically”. 

Watch this space as Go4IT Africa is heading towards being the One-Stop-Shop for all your e-commerce needs. Contact our experienced team to get more detailed information about this amazing PMS solution. You may also visit our website www.go4itafrica.com for more great travel eCommerce solutions.