Direct Bookings with Go4IT Africa

Are you the proud owner of a lodge, bed and breakfast, or guest house? Do you need more direct bookings? The Go4IT Africa team is pleased to announce that we can now offer direct bookings for any accommodation provider on their very own website, no matter what the booking system!

Websites for lodging providers aren't getting the attention they need. When you market your property on OTA’s or with iframes and widgets on your website, you direct the client away from your site, building the OTA’s SEO rankings and not yours. On top of that, you have to use their merchants, so the payments won't go directly into your account. Luckily, through innovative, cutting-edge technology, these problems can be resolved.

Direct Booking Websites: Why You Should Have One

Though OTA’s (online travel agents) provide valuable services, they are dominating the market. As OTAs have adopted the commission-based model, the number of direct-booking vacation rentals has decreased. Providers spend a lot of money on OTA commissions and fees (per booking, annually, monthly, etc.), which adds up to significant costs for you and your clients. With your own booking website, you can reach a larger number of people (depending on your advertising budget), and you don't have to share any of your profits with OTAs. 

Establish Trust And Credibility

By eliminating the middleman, you can foster a more personal relationship with your guests! Your guests will receive world-class service, regardless of how many properties you own or what type of clientele you have. 

No iFrame, Widgets Or “Book Now” Buttons

If you have your own website, many integrations require you to add a “book now” button, but with the Go4IT Africa software, your clients can book directly on your website, without using any buttons, iframes or widgets. Using this method, you can also add your own payment merchant, meaning payments are made directly to your bank account! 

Control Your Marketing

The most popular method of marketing a small business online remains the use of a personalised website. Therefore, it is no surprise that online visibility is now more important than ever in today's Google-obsessed society, and the same goes for vacation rentals.

Your website is the focus of every marketing effort. Therefore, every booking made by a customer, every email confirmation sent, every blog entry you write, and every social media post you make will actively drive visitors to your website for more information while increasing your SEO (search engine optimization).


The majority of travellers worldwide admit that standard online travel processes just isn't enough anymore. More and more travellers expect unique experiences, whether they are online or at a hotel/guesthouse. In order to stand out in the modern market for lodging services, one must take a personal approach to the customers and promise them inherent value.

To be able to offer your clients the most cutting-edge service, you should rely on expert tech solutions. Go4IT Africa offers a personalized experience based on your brand and style, designed to benefit you and your clients. Our software is built to be fast, mobile-friendly and user-friendly, making it easy for you to update content and rooms anytime. Want your headline text a bit bigger so it stands out more? You can make it happen. Want to add more rooms or properties? That’s on you, too! Once the build is done and signed off, you will be 100% in control.

Integration Partners

With our integration partners, we are able to connect any lodging provider with the following integrations:  

Go4IT Africa Solution

In the end, investing in a direct booking website or app is the ultimate way for you to sell your clients a personal experience, without your business being at the mercy of some large corporate travel agency. Together, we will be able to create a whole brand story for your property and build superb brand loyalty in the process. You can say goodbye to OTAs and hello to increased conversions and bookings.


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