Boosting your online bookings through social media

Social Media is one of the most widely used interactive technologies that help create and exchange information. We can be at any place in the world, catch up with friends from different continents and share in their life journeys in a fraction of time.


Social Media is all about sharing a personal bond and building on engagement. Every message, image, video, cartoon etc are communicated effectively.

It’s no secret that the global landscape continues to be redefined by social media and where these networks have once been looked at as platforms for communication and engagement between users, it is now drastically evolving beyond that. What started as relatively simple services has now become hubs where consumers can easily spend up to nine hours per day, this has resulted in social media being the most effective way for businesses to reach new audiences on a global scale.

According to a study done by Statista, Facebook is the number one most used social network with a whopping 2.7 million users alongside YouTube with 2.2 million. These networks are highly effective in helping us determine how our brand fares in the eyes of millions and how our messaging plays a role in their decision making.

A lot of travellers use social media to plan and book their trips, we can use these social platforms to reach these travellers and get bookings.


How to take advantage of social media and turn it into a powerful marketing tool.


1)      Create Awareness

Having an attractive page or profile on some of the most famous social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google will attract more people to your website and result in more bookings.

There is an option on the Facebook landing page to create a page for a celebrity, brand or business, below is an example of what this page looks like, here you can create your company page.

Have a look at how Tulela safari lodge created its page on Facebook. This page allows them to increase awareness with customers interested in activities or accommodation offered by them.

2)      Provide a compelling reason for booking your services

It is important to showcase your services in the best light to make sure you won’t easily be outshined by competitors. When you are going to tell an audience of millions about something interesting, you aren’t going to do it in your pyjamas! You need to make sure that you are looking presentable. By sharing attractive, high-quality images and videos via your company page, you are rising the consumers' curiosity and increasing the chances of them visiting your site and booking your services.

Create the idea that demands are high, letting your customers know that “there are only a few places left” might be the motivation needed for them to make the booking.


3)      Attracting more travellers with promotional offers

There are numerous ways for you to reach out to customers and engage them in your business. Promote your hotel by posting about discounts, such as a 10% discount on a customer's birthday or anniversary.

If you are not comfortable with the discounting process or don't want to do it, Instead, offer a gift, an extra amenity, or a companion treat. As long as the offer is good for a limited time only—and booking through social media is the only way to take advantage of it—browsers will be drawn in.


4)      Build trust by getting your customers involved

One of the great benefits of social media is that it allows for word-of-mouth type referral to operate on a global scale. When people know that others have already done something and approved of it, they're more likely to do it themselves. Share some positive mentions of your service from other people by quoting optimistic TripAdvisor comments on your Twitter for instance.


5)      Have fun

Whether you are a social media fanatic or a total hater, there is no reason why you should not have fun while using social media on behalf of your company. If you feel that you are offering a valuable experience to your guests, it should go without saying that you would want to share this with your audience. By displaying a genuine passion for your company on your social media platforms, you will appeal to the masses, and drive more direct bookings.



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