July 2021
Best channel management options in Southern Africa
In as much as getting direct bookings through your website is vital, making sure property reaches out to as many booking consumers as possible is equally important, however, managing your rooms across many channels can only be made possible if you have the best channel manager.
Web Design Trends for 2021
If you were standing in front of two big screens and you are given 15 minutes to consume the content on either one of the screens the possibility of you going with the screen with the more beautifully designed content is...
What are Progressive Web Apps?
Did you know there's a type of app that works for all operating systems and is easier for users to access? They're called progressive web apps or PWA and they are reliable, fast and engaging. PWAs are the next hot topic in today's world, particularly in terms of Ecommerce mobile innovation.
eCommerce, SEO & Digital Marketing
Are you looking for a way to generate more business through your website? With a professionally designed eCommerce website and digital marketing, you can take your online sales to a new level.
Lowveld Get Travel Digital Workshop - Hoedspruit 12th August 2021
We have exciting news to share with you! Go4IT Africa will be travelling to Hoedspruit on the 12th August 2021 for a once-off complimentary workshop on how to increase your business direct digital sales, maximise your online presence and amp up your revenue.
Old Style CMS Versus The New Headless CMS
There is no doubt that the tourism sector has taken a 180 degrees turn in recent years. But, are companies in the travel sector facing this challenge well?
The advantages of using an Outsourced Booking office to run your OTA
Post covid, technology was not something that most business owners in the hospitality industry and any other industry at large paid attention to as long as they had a website that gives information...